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  • 12 June 2020

    Live Streaming

    We  Live Stream each of our Masses.

    We will live stream our Public Mass on Saturday 6.00pm & Sunday 10.00am. Also, our Live streamed  Mass at 11.00am on Sunday - See newsletter for more information.

    The website address for the Camera is:


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  • 19 February 2020

    The God who Speaks

    Our Lenten Scripture course on the Gospel of Mark can now be find online - here.  We also have material on the Gospel of Matthew. This material is produced to aid you in a prayerful reading of each Gospel. 

    About our Parish/The God who Speaks - or the button below on the right

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  • 26 April 2021

    Update on Mass Times

    Public Mass will be Saturday 6.00pm and Sunday at 10.00am, with Live Streamed Mass at 11.00am

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  • 07 November 2020

    Celebrating Mass in an Empty Church

    As we return to lock down, I am asked once again a familiar question:

    What is it like to celebrate Mass in an empty Church?

    Firstly, I endeavour to celebrate Mass as reverently and prayerfully as is possible. Of course, I do that all the time, but I make sure my actions and pronunciation are clear for the camera and sound. I talk a little slower than usual.

    Secondly, I focus carefully on my parishioners whom I am missing. Thankfully, several email with requests for prayers and for those dear to them. I keep them uppermost in my mind. I visualise where people usually sit, or speak to one or two individuals. Speaking personally, as if to one other person.

    Thirdly, I try to ensure that the liturgy is celebrated as carefully as possible. I make sure I practice the readings. I have musicians who record the Psalm and Alleluia every week. Others who compose music - a Pie Jesu for Remembrance Sunday, a Marian Anthem for Eastertide, May and October and other music in Church. I lead the congregation with four hymns, while still continuing to incense the Altar. Sometimes balancing all these things at once is a challenge.

    Finally, and most importantly, you never know who is watching: I make sure my homily is at least twice as good as before lock down - or I work twice as long on it.

    Which in turn leads to the second familiar question: Why does Mass take much longer when you are on your own? As compared to when I had a congregation?

    Come and See!

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  • Sunday8:30am
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